Hello world! I am Tanvi, Software Professional based in San Francisco.

I originally hail from Mumbai, India. While working at a tech company in India, I dreamt about being in Bay area where most talented programmers come together to work from across the globe. I am proudly living my dream right now; I work with briliant people at Uber in one of the Uber Marketplace teams.

I am a logically minded, friendly, and a lifetime of a learner. I read a lot of books. I put efforts in being mentally and physically fit. I am currently into skiing, yoga and aerial workout with Lyra. When my friends or family come to me with doubts/hesitations about themselves, I often end up convincing them they can do anything. I post about everyday life of coder, some of my workouts and travel pics on my Instagram account (@tanviOnInsta)

Highlight of last year: Marrying my boyfriend of 7 years

Book I am currently reading: The 4-Hour Workweek

Causes I care about: Equality, Education & Literacy, Health

I take actions to compliment my intent to support these causes. I am an active contributor with Technovation , BuiltByGirls, Expat Woman USA, Awesome Women in Engineering.

Fields I contribute to: EdTech, Technology, Volunteering & Mentoring


I like to talk about technical things, women empowerment and my experiences.


My latest posts and experiences.

I love to try different cuisines and learn about cultures at places I visit.

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